Posted by: pen2bit | March 8, 2009

Another Microsoft Vision-Video

This post is about two videos by Microsoft, you can find those videos and some others in here!

This post would be interesting for my classmates at DSS 6833 class who saw the movie on Bill Gates presentation, envisioning today’s office!

Recall what we watched in our class about Bill Gates vision for office future!

Now I ran (Not IRAN my home country, I mean I saw the link) to a Microsoft’s envision Video for 2019!

I like it!

See how flow of data and information helps the shopper at a retail store in the first video and closely look for new idea for a manufacturing firm in the second video! Interestingly in both futures, there, human is the one who makes the decisions!

Video: Future Vision Montage

Video: Retail Future Vision

Video: Manufacturing Future Vision


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